Chris Isaak
    At TrueColorsRadio sings:Total Likes Total Dislikes
    1. Wicked Game1597AVG
    2. Can't Do a Thing (To Stop Me)1326Gritsouk
    3. Back On Your Side950
    4. Blue hotel794Gritsouk
    5. Lie To Me640Shipiloff
    6. Talk To Me528
    7. Black Flowers264ColorkoVA
    8. Somebody's Crying212ColorkoVA
    Artist of a day - Chris Isaak

    Original name
    Christopher Joseph Isaak
    Date of birth
    26.06.1956 (62)
    Place of birth
    Stockton, California, USA
    Total songs: 8
    Likes: 628
    Dislikes: 31

    1991 MTV Video Music Awards:
    Best Cinematography
    Best Video from a Film
    Best Male Video

    2004 ASCAP Film and Television Music Award category Most Performed Themes

    The son of Dorothy (nee Vignolo), a potato chip factory worker, and Joe Isaak (19292012), a forklift driver. Isaak's mother is Italian American, originating from Genoa. His father was German American.
    Graduated University of the Pacific, B.A. in 1980. In 1981 formed his band Silvertone with James Calvin Wilsey (guitar), Kenney Dale Johnson (drums), and Rowland Salley (bass).

    Isaak was ranked #68 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.
    Isaak revealed in a 2002 interview with Acoustic Guitar that he uses a one-of-a-kind Gibson: For my electric, I've got a one-off Gibson version of a Gretsch 6120, a sort of Chet Atkins thing. They made one of these things and gave it to me to see if I liked it, and I liked it so much I've been playing it ever since. People told me they thought it was a White Falcon, but it's not. It's just a white Gibson. I don't think they ever manufactured any of the things. They strung up this one prototype, scratched their heads, and said, 'Huh. Give it to Isaak.'
    Isaak also plays a Gibson J-200 acoustic guitar, which he uses for songwriting.

    Isaak starred in The Chris Isaak Show (20012004) playing himself and featuring actual members of his band along with numerous celebrity guests.

    The Biography Channel aired The Chris Isaak Hour, a one-hour music interview and performance show in 2009. The series premiere featured Trisha Yearwood, and included the first ever performance of "Breaking Apart", a duet from Isaak's new album, Mr. Lucky. Additional guests included Stevie Nicks, Smashing Pumpkins, Chicago, Glen Campbell, Michael Bublé, Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), and Jewel.

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